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Your Inner Landscape Will Astound You

We are each a galaxy unto ourselves. That’s not to say that we are separate; that’s to say that each one of us has, inside of us, a vast cosmos that we could spend this entire lifetime exploring. Modern science is, thankfully, now researching and finding quantifiable results from practices like meditation, where we still the mind – or free the mind – by sitting with ourselves in silence and stillness.

But inner work can be so much more than that.

Close your eyes and go in. You may find that, the territory within is in fact less explored than the territory outside of you. You may know this outer world – especially those globe trotters out there – better than you know the world inside your own psyche, your own body.

The psyche and the body are not separate. When you explore the sensations in your body, you will be touching the psyche, and the other way around. Sometimes we notice that a particular thought triggers a sensation in the body.

For someone on a healing path, these signals are gold.

They are a golden ribbon leading us home. But in order to get there, we have to be willing to follow the thread.

Here’s the thing. When we binge – or take part in any addictive behavior designed to separate us from painful feelings, we are doing two things:

  1. We are temporarily alleviating the feelings of pain.
  2. We are passing on the opportunity to have intimate contact with that pain and thereby undergo transformation.

The beautiful thing is, the pain will keep coming back, no matter how many times we alleviate it with an addictive behavior pattern. The pain will come back, knocking on our door, inviting us to come out and get to know ourselves better – to take our existence to the next level.

And when we choose to stay with the pain – not to white-knuckle it or be tough, so to speak – but to let whatever is happening to us, happen, while just breathing and bearing witness, bringing love and compassion inside – we start to very rapidly become the shining being that we have always known, deep down, is possible.

Our best self – our authentic self – comes out, and that self will astound you with the creative feats and profound joyful living it is capable of. 

Though it might not seem like it, your inner cosmos is your best friend. Getting to know it will be the adventure of a lifetime. And the next door is always there for you, waiting for you to walk through, and say “yes” to life.

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