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You Can Be Anything – Tapping Your Creativity

The world is dramatically changing, and in the new world, you can be anything, do anything, as long as it is rooted in your heart (of course, you can’t be a mean or use your power to harm other people, but you wouldn’t want to do that anyway!) – but you have to live your life. No more escaping from the longing inside of you, no more squashing the part of you that really wants to sing and be free. No more being afraid of your own power and creativity (I know – it feels immense and overwhelming – because it is immense!)

No more hiding in addictions, behind defense mechanisms, or in roles that you’ve grown out of. We may in fact find that some of these cozy hiding spaces are being dismantled in a way that feels frighteningly uncomfortable, and we might not know what to do.

Not seeing the next step ahead, we may focus only on what we are losing, and without a keen sense of what we are gaining (a new world of benevolence and freedom), we may feel overwhelming grief and disorientation. Fear not! We have been carried this far and we continue to be carried. The force of evolution carries us – our own inner dreams carry us. There’s so much more than our personalities at play, here.

Feeling your feelings is one of the greatest and most useful tools you can bring along with you. 

Why? Going on this journey can be scary and intense at times, and yet, real living is like this – constant presence to what we are experiencing – and what we are experiencing is often intense.

We must cultivate our willingness to feel. To feel fully, without a dampening agent between ourselves and our experience. We may have to learn by baby steps, but we must always be increasing our capacity. The gift of feeling fully is this: the willingness to sit in the totality of all our feelings is where true creativity comes from, and is the key to healing the deadness that so many of us feel inside.

While real life never guarantees an end to pain (life can’t be life without it), if we let life in, it does guarantee a big adventure, endless learning, magical discovery, and plenty of joy.

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