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Whether You Know It or Not, You Are Learning to Shine from Within with Karuna

We all love that feeling of glowing, of shining from within. Some of us may have experienced that feeling a few fleeting times in our lives, and those moments may have been elusive. Perhaps we have no feeling of control over how to create more of them.

Others of us may have noticed that, when we do yoga, exercise, spend time outside or eat certain foods, we have a felt sense that our vibration has been raised. We can feel ourselves shining from within.

And yet, we all want to create more of that. This sense of shining is the sense of being alive, full of life, and of sharing that energy with others.

The best practices, teachers and coaches show us how to tap our own deep and rich inner resources; how to mine our own gold.

Kundalini yoga teacher and facilitator Karuna joins Curb the Binge today, sharing insights and stories from her life as a Kundalini yoga teacher – teaching and guiding us to do exactly that – shine from within.

Everyone who knows Karuna knows that she shines. A living, walking embodiment of her message, taking a class with Karuna is more of a transmission than a cerebral lesson in anything traceable. It’s the kind of thing you take with you, the kind of thing that grows and blossoms inside of you.

Through this podcast episode, we have the privilege of getting this transmission through Karuna’s words – her story, her message, and the strength of her personal practice. This is someone who lives her yoga.

Enjoy, and may you know that each step, every struggle and triumph, is taking you closer to truly shining your own unique light.

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In this episode, Karuna mentions His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s advice to “line up your demons.” We have an excellent episode of Curb the Binge that outlines a clear and easily accessible practice for this. Find Feeding Your Demons: A Loving Practice here. 

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