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When This Happens, Food Won’t Be a Problem Anymore

As a health coach, I find telling people what to eat pretty boring.

And from my time coaching clients 1-on-1, I came to understand something simple and kind of disillusioning; that I actually don’t think anyone else can accurately tell you what to eat.

Listen, I have been to Ayurvedic doctors, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, health coaches, and one very skilled naturopath and though they all gave me some interesting pointers and ideas to experiment with, the way of eating that I ultimately found worked best for me was not exactly the recipe given to me by any of them. 

I was still the one who had to test the bugs, see how my body reacted. Do the work of experimenting with different foods and all the different ways they made me feel.

It took me an insanely long time to find an explanation for my extreme sensitivity to sugar and caffeine.

The point is, it was a journey. And it still is, though for the most part now, I have a good idea of what feeds my body and what does not.


This is all to say that….

There was a golden moment when my optimal diet came to me.

It came through a collection of sources, including some tips from my naturopath, a major life change (oh how those crack us open), and a good dose of my own intuition.

The fascinating this is, it was basically a moment when all the things I had observed about my body’s needs in relationship to food came together and I was able to realize them and start living them.


What it Took to Be Ready

It was almost like the answer has been waiting for me the whole time, but I wasn’t ready to actually accept it.

Before my optimal diet came to me, I had to be ready to do what I knew was best for my body.

And what it took for me to be ready to do that, is what I really want to share with you today.

You see, I have always been a little self-destructive. A little bit self-sabotaging. Without understanding why, I had a little rebel in me that would act out even against my very own wellbeing.

Perhaps you can relate?

It wasn’t until much later, after being a single mom for over half a decade and many other twists and turns, that I realized why I had been self-sabotaging in the first place.

It was because I did not know yet what I was doing in this world.

Motherhood, as challenging of a classroom as it had been and as much as it was teaching me about love, responsibility, and strength, had not given me a true sense of purpose in life.

It was only when I started to do the work that I do now, that I began to understand why I was in this world at all.

And that work came to me by following my heart and my passion.


That Changed the Ballgame Completely

I went from self-sabotaging (even though it was slight, not apparent to everyone on the surface ~ or maybe I am totally kidding myself) to really, really caring how I felt every, single, day.

So that I could wake up and deliver the best of myself to this world.

And once I made that commitment at the level of my very core, it became easy to eat the food that fuels me best. That gives me the most energy, vibrancy, clarity, helps me feel the most alive and gives me strength for the work ahead.

This is something that I know everyone has the ability to experience in their lifetime.

And what does it take to find the answer?

It takes to ask the question.

In earnest, and from your heart.


It’s Not a Food Thing

Food is simple. It’s the gas we fill our tanks with.

When we approach it like that, there’s a clear enough answer to whether we benefit from any given food or not. We can be honest with ourselves and observe which foods give us gas, bloating, diarrhea, or make us feel cranky or angry or tired or depressed.

The more complex thing is that, if we are battling our relationship with food, we might not yet be in a place where we are totally ready to take on the responsibility of showing up as our best, most lively and vibrant self every day.

And I don’t blame you, because until you have a very, very good reason to be your best self every day, why put in all that work?

Better to eat ice cream.

If, though, you can ask the question in earnest, and ask it to your deepest self, of what your work on this planet in this lifetime truly is, then you can eventually find yourself with the answer delivered to you in a most mysterious way, sending you off on a journey you would have never expected or imagined.

A delightful journey, with all of the excitement and loveliness that you can fit into your heart.

And then, I promise, food won’t be a problem.



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