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When Is It Time to Have Faith, and When Is It Time to Take Action?

As an astrologer and a coach, I have found that folks often have an idea that we can either pray for help and have faith – taking this kind of “devotional” approach to healing, or we can take Action – taking life “in our own hands,” so to speak.

I want to scream at them, it isn’t one or the other!!!! It’s both!!

Really, by thinking we have to choose the path of devotion or the path of action, we are shorting ourselves on reaping the huge benefits of one of life’s biggest paradoxes – that both are true.

Not only are both true, both are effective ways and go hand in hand when we are manifesting something.

I’ll give you a few examples.

  1. If we pray and pray but don’t lift a finger to make change happen, we aren’t fulfilling our side of the bargain. We could be forever living in the limbo of “I have a feeling that (the relationship, career success, child, whatever) is coming really soon” and never actually getting there. Sooner or later, we’ll start to feel a little…. constipated. A little silly for asking so much and actually doing nothing about what we want. Chances are, we’ll start taking action.
  2. If we decide to “take life into our own hands” because “nobody’s going to do it for me,” in a way we’re taking a very mature and grown-up approach, but we have to guard against doing so out of bitterness. You have heard people say they are “angry at God.” Often times it’s this mentality that leads people to think that, if they are to get what they want, they’re going to have to “take it.” And that leads to a sort of attitude of trampling over life rather insensitively – like we’re stomping towards the first prize and trampling all the flowers on our way. When you look at it this way, it’s not a mature approach at all, but rather childish!

So, both approaches have their immature tendency, when seen in isolation. From my experience, when we start to pray for something (pray, manifest, envision, create), we must be ready to do the deep work of creating a strong intention, ensuring that the wish for that thing is coming from a pure place inside of us, and communicating with our higher power about it.

AND, we must ALSO be ready to take the appropriate action, when the appropriate action is shown to us or we just get that “gut feeling” that we know what the right next step is. After all, you are the vessel through which this thing will create itself. You must be ready.

Love love love love

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