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What’s Gonna Get You Through the Night?

It’s a well-known saying in yoga philosophy that, in the proverbial nighttime for humankind, the Yogi awakens. All this really means is the same thing that Tony Robbins says about the financial crisis – that when circumstances are difficult, while the masses may panic and pull out of the market, the wise stay in and ride out the storm, benefiting. In the same way, the yogi uses difficulty to awaken.

You don’t have to consider yourself a yogi to benefit from this – all you need do is choose.

As Trevor Hall says about this time on Earth, “many they will rise up, many they will fall.” Which camp do you choose? Because it is, in fact, a choice.

You may, however, want to rise – and not know how.

Here’s a quick template for moving past your inner blockages:

When all seems lost, when you’ve exhausted your coping mechanisms of eating, and any other addictive behaviors, and now you are just so out of it that you need something to keep you here on this Earth – a reason to go on – what do you look to?

Do you look in your dog’s face? Or your children? Do you hang on to the glimmer of sunlight through the trees outside your window and tell yourself there will be a new day?

Do you call a friend, a family member, or listen to a favorite song? Go for a walk? Clean your house or plan your garden?

Look at art?

Here’s a secret: there is something you love more than food.

You probably loved that thing(s) as a child, before you discovered the comfort of food. Back when you were sensitized to the sensation of dew on bare feet. When the scent of rain on gravel thrilled you.

And when your brain is addicted to food – or any other coping mechanism – those other things that you really love are eclipsed. They don’t go away, but you forget about them.

Poor them. Imagine them, waiting for you, waiting for your love. Thankfully, they are patient. They will wait as long as it takes. But you might want to set down your coping mechanisms and go to them, walking gracefully or running, and take them back into your arms.

This life of abundance in every sector is available to you.

Right now.

So, if you put down your food, your drink, your addictive coping strategy – what’s gonna get you through the night? (Because I can guarantee you, that night will end – just like a heroin addict’s withdrawal does eventually end – and a more beautiful dawn than you have ever seen will rise).

Taking those morsels of the world that you have always loved, and giving yourself to them fully. 

Count on them to fulfill you. Count on your art, your gardening, your writing, your care-taking – whatever it is you are willing to do with ALL of yourself – to give you full and complete nourishment. Fulfillment.

That will get you through the night. Imagine a life so dazzling that it is better than any binge food. What dazzles? Your relationship with those things you love.

“Grow the things you love (and the parts of you you love) and the rest will naturally fall away for lack of nourishment” is another piece of enduring spiritual advice.

Do this one step at a time, or all at once. Whatever you do, forge on, and your persistence will save you.

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