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What is Begging for the Blessing of Your Attention?

Hi friends, on the path to ending addiction, I have found it crucial to identify those aspects of life that are calling to me, to shed the light of my love and awareness on to them. For they have been neglected too long, watching me in my stupor, unable to give all of me because I still wasn’t all of me.

When we run away, we choose comfort over reality. And that’s ok, while we are ok with that. There comes a day, however, when we begin to hear the call of all the flowers in the garden of our life that are begging for our care. The animals, plants, projects, hopes and dreams in our hearts waiting to be realized. So many things in this world that crave the blessing our our attention.

And while binge eating or otherwise indulging leaves us lying in our beds at night feeling ironically empty, wondering when it will get better, giving of ourselves fully throughout our days – from the first moment to the last – leaves us weightlessly touching down on the pillow and bedsheets at night, a smile in our hearts and the gentle hum of peace in our bodies.

We lived our purpose today.

Today, we lived a dream that, like the song, took all the love we could give.

This is available to you any day, every day. For the rest of your life. The first step is simple and exhilarating – identify that thing or things that, for you, are worth all your life’s energy. Is it an animal sanctuary that, as of yet, only exists in your heart? Is it your kids? A remote island in Greece that doesn’t yet have the hotel you know you can build? Is it the neighborhood recycling program that needs a lift and reinvigoration that you know you can give it? The book you have been waiting to write?

Listen for that small and yet precious voice. That voice will call you back home, to a life of starting each morning, and ending each day, in heaven.

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