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Turning Obstacles Into Gifts – It’s Just a Matter of Time

Being human offers the uniquely fun, uplifting and frankly amusing trait of turning our obstacles into gifts.

It’s been said many times that your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength.
Let’s explore how this works.

Obstacles, so called “weaknesses,” that which “plagues” us; are hot spots that amass dense energy in one place. If we have a so-called complex or hang-up in some area of our lives – somewhere where we feel inadequate, unworthy – much heavy energy will gather there.

But, as Albert Einstein reminded us, energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.

Whether we know it or not, this heavy energy is like a pile of wood and kindling preparing to become a bonfire. As a pile of scrap wood, it’s seemingly useless. But the second we light that match, the wood catches fire – because that is its very nature.

Truth is the match – and this flame of Truth can be caught in so many ways – from a fellow human (a brother or sister), a walk in nature connecting with our Great Mother, a cleansing dip in the water, a sacred ceremony, a vigil with the stars, a yoga practice, an ecstatic dance or a session playing music, making art, tending to a garden, and on and on into infinity.

Self-expression is a wonderful catalyst for Truth, because thereby you are letting your energy flow naturally and organically, and the very Truth of You begins to dance a pattern in the air. Once set free, this fingerprint of your very Soul begins to ignite life all around it, like a magic wand turning all the statues in the sculpture garden into real-life, animated beings.

It’s a colorful life, the one that is available to you.

There is no need to sit back in fear, and settle for the black-and-white reality offered to our by our conditioned minds. Trust the wild being inside of you that longs for something resplendent and Free.

The bigger your pile of crap, the brighter your fire will burn. Of course, we all think: Mine is the Biggest!

Art by Simon Haiduk

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