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Transformation and Homeostasis – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

Our lives are marked by periods of transformation in consciousness – at certain points in our lives, the entire way we see things undergoes a shift, sometimes larger, sometimes smaller –  sometimes gradually and some, rather disconcerting times – more abruptly.

In these transitions, we can feel lost, afraid, out of place, and wonder if something is terribly wrong. Add to it that we likely feel like one day, we have a whole new way of experiencing reality – we might feel like a new person. And the next day (or the next second!) we are back to our old way of seeing things, only now this old approach feels uncomfortable and constricting, and yet we don’t know how to get out of it!

This all can be incredibly painful.

Without a trusted guide or a framework that supports what we are going through and gives us information about what to expect and acknowledgement about the realness of our experience, we may even feels like we are losing our minds.

How do we grapple with the feeling of taking two steps forward and one step back, one step forward and two steps back, or not even knowing which way is forward?

And, how do we trust that what we are going through is a positive transformation, and not a terrible mistake that needs intervention? When do we sit in the fire and when do we seek help? What words can we find to describe our situation? In the space of transformation, there are so many questions.

Take heart, and watch. Beyond the instability and confusion, there is a process to be trusted, here.

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