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Man meditating with seven colorful chakras upon ocean in cloudy background - 3D render

To Be Human

To be human, there is a code. There are certain qualities that distinguish our experience as being a human experience. And to be human is the best thing to be, because humanity is one magnificent race. It is magnificent because of these qualities, qualities that we have learned through millennia of evolution, through finessing the Art of Being Human.

Just a few of these qualities are:

  • Humility
  • Forgiveness
  • Vulnerability

These qualities come from the heart, not the brain. The brain is useful, but it is the heart that makes us distinctly human. That allows us to overcome all strife, all conflict, and transform hardship into resplendent gifts.

To be fully human in our experience, we must also express what is inside of us.

It is holding back the feelings that we have inside that makes us sick. If we want to dance, we dance. If we want to sing, we sing!

Too often, we wage war against our humanity. Why? Because our conditioning tells us that we must be more like robots or automatons than humans. But we will never be happy as long as we head those voices, put there by media, early “education,” and other insidious sources.

Being human is a more colorful, multitudinous experience than we have ever been taught or led to believe. And if we allow for that, we will experience the spectrum of feelings, including pain (that’s the vulnerability piece, above), and, in that experiencing, we will find fulfillment of a kind we are never taught is possible.

A kind of fulfillment that does not come from money, status or belongings. It is the ecstasy of Being, and being is being connected – to others and this Beautiful Planet.

You belong ~ The way you are is inherently perfect ~ Forgive not just others, forgive yourself.

That is the Human Way.

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