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To Be Human is to Be Vulnerable

But somehow we have forgotten that. The price of forgetting is a culture that is much too hard on everybody, and that, as a result, breeds coping mechanisms.

Imagine an environment that lets everybody grow at their own pace, trusting that every Human will blossom when they are ready. Trusting, just as importantly, that every Human wants to blossom. Nobody is here for a free ride, just longing to take advantage of the hard work of everybody else. Though it may seem like that from the outside looking in, our souls long to contribute, to give fully of our gifts.

Working in the field, this is the most common thing I see people ask for – to know their gift so that they can begin to live it and give it.

However, often times we are trapped, and the more sensitive souls can feel absolutely paralyzed, unable to act. Often they are paralyzed by a fear of judgement – a fear of “not doing it right,” being shamed or called out by others.

Let’s face it, our current culture as we have set it up and perpetuated it gives us all good reason to be afraid. Unbalanced competition in schools leads to high rates of suicide in ivy league schools, corporate culture – though evolving with the times – still uses impersonal scales that measure Human strengths and weaknesses in a way that fails to include the fully dynamic and limitless nature of a Human being.

In other words, Humans are still commodified. There’s a value, a tag, placed on a Human based on what they are evaluated to be able to contribute. And by allowing this setup to perpetuate, we are perpetuating the suppression and misery of our entire race.

The Truth is, we are not limited beings. We are infinite, with all possibilities at our grasp at every moment. True happiness and joy comes from finding that inside of you, you have an endlessly flowing river of creativity, and that in the form of your struggles, Spirit is constantly working and guiding you to wake up.

It takes time, usually, to get past the hurdles of our conditioning. It takes time to heal our wounds and wake up to the true magnificence of our Being. But it does come, it does happen, and you are on your way.

One of the largest things that trips us up – believing in this false commercial reality as we do – is the belief that we should be invulnerable. Think about it. What would happen if you burst into tears at work when a co-worker criticized your project? One the one hand, we all know that would be a very relatable human reaction. And yet we act as if that person is unprofessional, or weak, or we question their value (in the workplace – and we all know how our value in the workplace translates to our perceived value overall; we’re conditioned to believe they are indivisible) as a result.

Imagine, also, if One of us woke up on a morning during Hurricane Harvey and, even though we don’t live anywhere close or have family there, we found ourselves too impacted to function as we normally do. The slides we see of the damage are just too devastating – it’s hard to imagine all those lives and how they will manage to rehabilitate themselves from such an event. We feel pulled to help, or at least to grieve. Going about our business as usual feels incongruent on a soul level.

As Humans, we are vulnerable. Not only to our own pain, but to feeling the pain of others.

And when we exist in a society that inculcates us with the belief, at an early age, that we must perform or else – or else we won’t survive – what we breed is addictions and closet coping behaviors. If you need to go home and eat donuts on your couch just to feel ok about life, just imagine what your boss does when they get home, just to cope with the stress of maintaining the mask and getting through the following day.

Of course, there are exceptions. There is a growing body of conscious companies and inspiring transformation happening in the work lives of many. But it’s still a minority. For the most part, Humans are still operating as cogs in a machine, and yet with every One of us who wakes up to our true calling and begins to walk that path, the light brightens for all of us. The collective energy heightens and we all are given a greater opportunity to discover ourselves.

This is the thing – We Are All One.

It’s not a platitude, not something trite that belongs in a bygone era.

This is realer than real. If you don’t believe the suffering of others affects you, ask yourself, are you addiction free? Are you awake and facing the reality of living in a world full of pain and suffering for so many? If the answer is no, you may be more sensitive that you think, more vulnerable than you are willing to admit. After all, we reach for our addictions when the pain hits, and often even before we are aware of it – we satisfy our cravings quickly enough to stave the pain off.

Which is wonderful news, because it means you are absolutely Human. To be Human is the best thing to be. We are the most magnificent race, and we are so because of the power of the Human heart, which is indomitable.

Having a heart means being vulnerable to having it hurt so bad, it feels broken.

Can we embrace the beauty even of this?

I hope so, and I Trust so. Because by embracing this, we heal our connection with Each Other, and with our Mother the Earth. And it is only in the health and strength of this connection that we will find everlasting Joy.

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