This is Me Doing 1 Terrifying Thing

Happy people advocate doing 1 thing that terrifies you, every single day. Why? Because your life energy will move instead of staying stagnant and stuck, and you will once again feel in alignment with the universe and all of creation. Change is life, and so when we resist change – which is what we are up to most of the time when we are resisting doing the things we fear – we resist life. And then we find ourselves slowly stagnating, holding on to what we have and never letting the current of life actually pulse through us and potentially bring us something new, something better.

I’m not saying don’t take care of what you have. Everything that is real, stays. Everything that is relevant, stays. But there are probably things in your life that you are holding on to for dear life, that are less than what you are ready for. That you have, in effect, grown out of.

I have found over and over again that the more I challenge myself by doing those things that bring me fear, the more alive and in touch I feel, and the more I am able to give to others. Regarding binge eating, in this episode I take a leap, one I have been fearing for a long time. I do it on the air, and it’s one that I know will change my life significantly.

Join me.

Oh yes, and here is the video mentioned in the talk. Brilliant. ENjoy.

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