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These Two Pieces of Information will Unlock Your Personal Power

My life drastically changed when I started to look at things in terms of medicine and “kryptonite.” It’s so powerful.

For each person, some foods, substances and experiences will nourish you, and others will quite literally destroy you.

When we make the choice to live a joyful life and let go of the belief that life has to be a painful struggle, we open the gates to a level of honesty with ourselves about what is good for us, and this honesty is powerful beyond what we can easily comprehend.

When you know your medicine and your kryptonite – or downfall – (excuse the Superman reference, it really is appropriate here) you literally have the instruction manual for accessing the superheroine, or hero, inside of you.

And believe me, what’s inside of you will astound you – you just may have never seen it yet if you’ve been systematically indulging in your kryptonite!

The First Step – Observe

The first step of the process is observation – attuning yourself to your own experiences before, during and after every food, substance and experience that you have.

Doing what I do for work, I am constantly amazed at how frequently I come across folks who don’t even make the connection between the foods they eat, the music they listen to, the way they spend their time, and the way they feel.

Here’s the truth: everything is connected. 

Yes folks, your hunch was correct.

The way you eat, drive, dress, manage your time, and spend money are all related.

You can do these things in an empowered way, or a “just trying to get through the day” way.

If your tendency is the latter, I’d guess you’re having too much of your kryptonite, and likely not enough of your medicine.

The beautiful thing is that we all have both. Once you start to observe,

take notes.

Putting something on paper makes it more real for you, making it less likely for you to ignore a truth you yourself have seen but perhaps would otherwise dismiss at the next temptation of your downfall food.

Here’s an example. My downfall food is sugar. Just like kryptonite, I cannot eat sugar and function at my highest level in this world. 

I can think of a few others. Sleeping in too late is one. Being inside for too long, staring at a computer screen. Long stretches of time without my friends.

By the same token, African music is a total medicine for me, as is being with my Family, moon-gazing, star-gazing, all forms of being out in nature, moving my body, studying, writing, practicing and teaching yoga, playing the drum, composing songs, reading, studying astrology, and a few other things just as potent.

I call these things medicine because I know that, if I am in a funk, if I do one or a few of these things I will feel better almost instantly. Time has proven this to be true.

Now that you have that example, what are your medicines and downfalls? 

Take your time observing. Ask yourself, is this just a one-off effect, or do I experience this consistently? If there is something you do everyday, you may have to take breaks from it occasionally to really understand the effect.

Remember this golden rule: different foods, substances and experiences will operate as kryptonite and medicine for different people. 

Don’t assume that something must be ok just because other people eat it, smoke it, drink it or do it.

If you feel an adverse effect that is proven over repeated trials, take note of that effect and trust it.

Treat this period of observing yourself as an investment in your entire future, as the knowledge and information that you glean in this time can truly change your life.

It took me a while to understand how applicable these observations are. And, as the wonderful Tony Robbins says, “knowledge isn’t power. Execution is power.” Which brings me to Step #2.

The Second Step – Apply Observations to Your Life

Without this step, reading this article will have been a waste of time. As will your time spent observing yourself. At some point, your observation has to become action. 

What does action mean, in this case?

For most of us, it isn’t easy to cut things out cold turkey if we have been doing them our whole lives.

If you found out that the wine you drink in the evenings is your kryptonite – giving you insomnia and thereby creating a domino effect on your work, relationships, and leisure time – that can feel like a real bummer.

This is when you have you remember what’s possible when you take action.

Remember that cutting out your kryptonite will get you much closer to your dream life, in one go, than a boatload of hard work in some other area of life. Ridding yourself of your kryptonite will make life more effortless, and you’ll see yourself becoming a different person; a huge upgrade.

I’ve seen this every time I’ve let go of something I was systematically doing that was bad for me – my quality of life shot up exponentially.

And while I think some of us do this somewhat naturally as we get older, others of us continue to destroy ourselves with downfall foods, substances and behaviors out of fear and self-sabotage, and perhaps the belief that we don’t really deserve a life that we would love.

 These are the beliefs that need to be questioned so that we can finally step out from behind them. 

And, I highly recommend, don’t wait until this just “happens naturally” – make it happen! You’ll feel so much more empowered and get a jolt of energy propelling you forward into your Real Life.

Another piece of good news is that your medicine will always be there for you. We all have medicine that doesn’t cost any money, and is freely available for most of us at most times even if its in a small way. Stepping outside for a walk during work is a way to get medicine if fresh air is a medicine for you. If it’s music and you don’t yet play an instrument, sing in the shower.

These medicines are your birthright – don’t hesitate to reach for them when you are down.

As a bonus, an astrology reading can give you a detailed map of some of your medicines and downfalls. Hire a good-hearted and experienced astrologer for a reading.

Have fun discovering your instruction manual to yourself,

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