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There is a Part of You that is Not Afraid to Die

There is a part of you that is not afraid to die.

That knows that, whatever you came here for, it is your soul, beyond your body, that is learning the lesson – and learning it not just for itself, but for the sake of giving it to others.

To this world.

This part of you is not afraid to sacrifice your body for the lesson. It’s not afraid of becoming wrinkly, or old, or used up, or overweight or underweight, or even sick.

Aging, afterall, as well as obesity, frailty, and illness, all come with incredible lessons. Lessons we simply could not learn any other way.

The biggest task is to trust what is happening to you. Because it is not in your control, as much as we like to pretend it is, it really isn’t. You can take comfort in that, and in knowing that you are, absolutely are, doing your very best.

Your soul would not have it any other way.

Doubt is the thing to look at, and even doubt is part of the ride.

You are going exactly where you need to go, and taking from this life exactly what you need to take, so that you can live your dharma, your purpose, fully.

We never know how that is going to happen. When we binge, we might feel that was not part of the plan. But the point is, it is. It is part of the plan. Follow the clues of your binging to their very end. If that means keep binging, that’s something you can trust in, too. Eventually it will lead you there. The pain has wisdom, intelligence. Awaken to it.

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