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The North Node is in Cancer, Ya’ll

Ok, it depends on if you use the True Node, or the Mean Node. Regardless, by the 15th (two days from the writing of the post), by both measures the North Node of the moon will be in Cancer.

Now, what are the nodes of the moon? Without going too deeply into the astronomy, the nodes are two points, always directly opposite each other, at which the orbit of the Moon intersects the ecliptic (the apparent path of the sun among the stars over the course of a year).

In a personal chart, the south node indicates the energetic comfort zone a soul has established, as well as old unresolved karma within that zone – while the north node indicates a positive spiritual direction, which is also (true to form of the great mysteries of life) usually the scariest, most unfamiliar territory we could possibly imagine ourselves facing (not scary as in hellish – scary as in unknown). When we do face it, and begin to step into it, though, old patterns we felt doomed to live with often begin to resolve, and things begin to work out in an incredibly refreshing way, that usually leaves us with a whole new perspective on life and its possibilities.

If you don’t know where the nodes are in your personal chart, it’s absolutely worth a visit to an experienced and skillful astrologer, as this information can have a profound effect on your life, very quickly. 

In a larger, social context, when the moon’s nodes move into a different sign, it means we are all balancing for the negative tendencies of a certain “comfort zone” or place where we’ve become a little stuck. For instance, for the past year and a half when the north node was in Leo, the playful, joy-oriented and healthily self-focused energy of Leo encouraged us to step into our lives as the “director of our own movie,” rather than sitting on the sidelines waiting for others to prompt us to action.

Certainly in the world of coaching, we saw health and life coaches rising to visibility, taking control of their lives, taking center-stage (Leo is the sign of the performer), building internet businesses that don’t depend on the system in the same way as corporations do, and reminding us to treat life a bit more like a game. Not a game in the sense of disregarding serious issues, rather in the sense of feeling empowered to change our own situation as well as Humanity’s situation via our own actions and strategies, i.e. the way we play the game.

Aquarius, the south node, can get overly concerned about belonging, can be emotionally detached from situations, and avoid confrontation. In a context of widespread and institutionalized disempowerment, the Leo North Node was a refreshingly playful “excuse me, but despite you, look what I can do” to the system. It was a celebration of the power of our innate Creativity.

Now, with the north node moving into Cancer, we are balancing a different tendency. The tendency of the dark side of Capricorn. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign and almost synonymous with responsibility. Which is a wonderful thing, when it’s in balance. However, here, we are talking about the tendency to feel responsible for everything, which leaves no room for divine intervention, or even just “the flow.”

Imbalanced Capricorn can need to control everyone and everything; it can be compulsively rigid and inflexible, too preoccupied with the rules and, perhaps most dangerously, can ignore and disregard the fragility, significance and sacred preciousness of feelings.

Do you remember that expression, “someone hurt my feelings”? Isn’t it wonderfully innocent and to the point? Don’t we all know exactly what someone means when they say that, because we know how that feels?

We know now that addiction, mental illness, and many physical illnesses are a result of trauma. With this is mind and, hopefully, at heart, it is time now to exercise delicacy and care with our own feelings, as well as those of others.

How do we balance rigidity? With vulnerability and care. By sharing our feelings, including and very importantly our insecurities, by crying together, embracing each other, and smiling at our very human – and very loveable – foibles and fluctuations.

We are all, always changing. Capricorn was preoccupied with rules. It never meant any harm, it’s just that, when it isn’t balanced with the energy of the Great Mother, it can really don its blinders and make no room for our humanness. It can be intolerant of what it perceives as “out of line.” It can adhere excessively to a hard, unforgiving path. Not because it means bad. But because it thought that this was the only way.

Remember Mr. Rogers? He knew all about the energy of Cancer at its best, and the Great Mother. The documentary, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” is a wonderful expression of this energy, and worthwhile.

As Steven Forrest points out, babies born with Capricorn on the south node come from past lives of hardship, and need that energy of forgiving, nurturing embrace more that most – to heal the effects of living such a cold, Capricornian existence. These are the babies that will be born in the next year and a half (through  May 2020), as well as those who are about 18, 36, 54, 72, and 90, now (these are approximations that won’t apply to everyone – always check the birth chart or use a node calculator to know for sure).

For these souls, the next year and a half will hopefully be a very healing time, offering the salve of nurturing to wounds of harshness and excessive difficulty. That goes for the rest of us, too. The Great Mother is here. It’s forgiveness time. For the next year and a half, (and in balance, beyond that), remember that things don’t have to be difficult to be important; and please, remember to empathize, to hug, to accept, to forgive, and to feel.

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