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The Neptune Archetype: Grounding Ourselves in Clarity to Heal Addiction with Valeria Torres

When it comes to addiction, astrology is a rich place to look for answers. While everyone’s astrological birth chart is unique, and there are many configurations and signatures that could point to the potential of or tendency towards addiction, one looming theme bears mentioning: that of Neptune.

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Neptune is the planet that represents the ocean of consciousness, the field into which the individual soul dissolves and we are all One.  Perhaps this reads like a total abstraction, or perhaps you have had some of your own personal experience of this, even if it was just a glimpse.

And, even if it does read like an abstraction, there are elements of Neptune we can all relate to. Neptune is the planet that rules higher states of consciousness – states sometimes reached through meditation, yoga, and prayer, but can also be reached for some by walking alone in nature, creating music and/or art, and other beautiful doorways into our own mystical vastness.

It’s also the planet that teaches us – and represents – transcendent, unconditional love.

These so-called “elevated states” are a requisite for living a healthy and happy human life, though some of us need more, some of us need less, and the doorways to get there are many. One person’s way of achieving existential bliss is not the doorway for the next person. That is all well and good.

Yet, sadly, when we don’t know of any healthy way to merge with our infinite nature, the all-too-easy doorways begin to look appealing: enter addiction in all its forms.

As life-preserving as authentic Neptunian fulfillment can be, the delusion/addiction side of Neptune can be equally destructive, effectively blocking our access to true happiness and fulfillment.

In this episode, astrologer Valeria Torres and I explore this archetype of Neptune, going deep into its symbology, the gift of being a “Neptunian person,” as well as some techniques for balancing the shadow sides of this archetype.

A strong Neptune can give us the ability to create truly inspired and inspiring things in this world – but only if we anchor ourselves enough to bring the gifts from other realms, into this one.

Valeria Torres, also known as AstroVal, has been pouring her soul into the esoteric subjects since she remembers. She truly reconnected with herself through astrology and so sharing this ancient wisdom has become her life purpose. She offers astrology sessions, teaches for an online astrology school and has hosted various workshops and retreats on the subject.

Valeria’s goal is to connect you to a deeper level to help you heal and understand the nature of your soul through self-love and compassion, while creating an atmosphere for transformation with her coaching skills. She says: We are here to shine our own light through self-acceptance. She believes that once we recognize who we truly are, the gifts and challenges we incarnated with, we will align with our unlimited potential.


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