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The Inner Child and Binge Eating

This is likely one of my most personal podcasts yet, sharing a very raw and vulnerable process I have been going through lately, working at healing the cause of binge eating on the most inner, unconscious levels.

In this podcast, I share the work that has brought me to tears many times in the past few weeks – the kind of shaky uncontrollable tears that flood us when we have touched something primal in ourselves.

I also share the techniques that I have used to take myself to that place of vulnerability, and to support myself while I am there.

Through this work, I am once again convinced that healing binge eating doesn’t come simply from instating the perfect set of rules, no matter how much self-discipline we have. This is a deeper emotional nugget we are facing, once with the potential to bring us so much closer to ourselves and to Real Love than we may have ever imagined. And slowly, with gentleness, may we begin to see more and more of our true selves.

Happy healing,

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