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The Enneagram: Loving Ourselves into Transformation with Ben Saltzman

Curb the Binge is about trading in our addictions and coping mechanisms for a life of purpose. We believe it is only when we really let go of our coping mechanisms, that we begin to fly.

To know our purpose, we must know ourselves far beyond the layers of conditioned responses we all carry – we must get down into our very essence.

This level of insight is offered to us through the work of the enneagram. Far more than a personality typing system, the enneagram describes “nine styles” or ways of being that can shed light on our fears, passions, fixations, and ultimately, how to transcend them and live as our most powerful and creative selves.

Of course, there are as many “styles” of humans and there are humans – the 9 styles are gross groups within which each one of us is extensively nuanced.

Knowing that, learning about the enneagram and our type is still like holding up a clean mirror to our faces and seeing ourselves well beyond who we think we are. In the process, there can be joy, relief, and even pain, yet we’re always better off knowing the truth, because from truth, we can act!

In this episode, internationally known seminar facilitator, fortune 500 trainer, and coach to entrepreneurial multi-millionaires Ben Saltzman, MA, leads us into the heart of the enneagram – showing us why and how we can use this tool to achieve greater clarity and empowerment in our lives.

He also shows us how different types may have different reasons for addictive behavior, based on how that style responds to stress

Ben’s expertise on this subject is profound.

And my favorite part: Ben takes an approach of “loving our stuff into transformation,” a soothing balm for any of us who have ever tried a tougher, more aggressive or less patient approach with ourselves.

To paraphrase Ben, by taking a loving approach, “transformation can be enjoyable and sustainable.”


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