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The Astrology of Addiction

Expert astrologer Taina Ketola has been practicing astrology since she was twelve, and has discovered a new dimension of astrology which outlines the evolution of a soul within the arc of their current “lesson.” This outlook considers and gives great insight into childhood patterns, past lives, and the unique purpose of each individual soul.

In this podcast, Taina discusses where addictions fall on the soul’s journey to fulfilling its purpose here on earth. Her view has the power to give a sense of order to what seems like complete chaos in our lives – and also to offer tremendous Hope.

The question, she posits, is not whether we will get to the other side, but when. With this fresh perspective in mind, Taina guides us through the cues to watch for and the steps to take to bring ourselves safely to the other side of addictive living.

No need for a long introduction – this episode speaks for itself.

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