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Sugar: Is It Fit For Human Consumption? An Interview with Dr. Jody Stanislaw

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Dr. Jody Stanislaw is a licensed Naturopath (N.D.) living with Type 1 Diabetes.

She has devoted much of her life and her medical practice to finding out – through research and experience – effective ways to heal the ravages of sugar, and how to return blood sugar to its healthy, balanced state.

Because the ravages of chronic high blood sugar include, and are not limited to:

– heart disease
– kidney failure
– strokes
– gangrene
– blindness
– limb amputation
– violent behavior

…. and more.

Even before that, way before that, unstable blood sugar can cause many seemingly silent yet debilitating symptoms -such as chronic tiredness, lack of motivation, and mood issues.

In her TEDx talk – which has received over half a million views in 8 months – Dr. Jody explains how chronic sugar consumption affects the body over time – even if we don’t feel its effects.

She explains the actual process as it occurs in the pancreas, and how sugar affects the finite store of beta cells that we come into this world with – and can’t live without.

She shares some stunning facts and statistics – such as the fact that chronic sugar consumption creates as much damage to the brain as as abuse done in childhood. And the fact that, if we keep eating sugar at the rate we are now, within a few decades, 1 in 3 people will have Type 2 diabetes.

And, perhaps most stunningly, that so many of the maladies affecting us today can be eliminated simply by eating less sugar.

We talk about these and other facts on our show today.

A History of Binge Eating

We also delve into Dr. Jody’s own history with binge eating, and talk about the piece of advice her aunt Mary (a therapist) gave her when her struggles with food were at their worst.

Jody reminds us that, because of the highly addictive property of sugar, for many the proposition of cutting it out entirely in one go is impossible. She discusses how she works with clients in this position, and also shares an approach she uses for working with the emotions that tend to accompany binge eating, sugar addiction and food addiction.

This is a gentle, compassionate approach she calls,”Compassionate Voice Work,”  and she introduces it even before making any changes to the diet. 

I love Dr. Jody’s holistic approach to the large-looming dilemma of food addiction and sugar addiction worldwide, and hope you will too.

She’s just launched what she calls “the most comprehensive training on living well with type 1 diabetes.”

You can find that training, and more of Dr. Jody, at

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