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Stepping Into My Wild Self with Cat Kabira

When I first saw Cat Kabira in a yoga training video, she got me with her centered, peaceful, and most of all authentic approach. The words she said seemed to pour from her heart bringing with them a needed dose of love and compassion for all Humans, especially for the part of each of us that is vulnerable, imperfect, fumbling.

Rather than taking a “self-betterment” approach to practice, she brought with her a sense of softening and opening to the parts of us that need a little extra support. She kept reminding her audience that “small things make big differences.” And with that reminder, the smallest movements seemed to magnify, becoming subtle and profound drivers of change in my body. I felt more space, more lightness.

In Cat’s presence – even in a video I was streaming online – I felt myself soften more and open to parts of me I had so long condemned.

It was a happy feeling, and one that I followed with that sense of knowing you sometimes get in your body that the mind catches up to much later. A few months later, here she is on the podcast.

I was surprised to learn that someone that exudes peace and acceptance like nobody’s business has had a significant and intense struggle with food in her past, and dialoguing with Cat just confirmed my observation that the areas we struggle with in life are the areas that life is inviting us to master. 

Thank you, Cat, for your transparency, vulnerability, and realness. Simply put, I love this woman.

We cover SO much ground in this episode, it’s a bold adventure.

Among other things, we touch:

  • Mythology
  • Astrology
  • Energy Work ~ professionally and in our personal lives
  • Relationships
  • Sex
  • Yoga Culture and Body Image
  • Femininity and Female Confidence
  • What it means to be a Goddess

And so much more. Give yourself the treat of this episode; its an Offering for more Aliveness, Electricity, and Joyful Living. ~

Cat’s bio:

Cat Kabira, a teacher and trainer in yoga and the subtle and shamanic energetic arts, has been globally exploring and sharing her passion for nearly 20 years. She’s studied under many masters in several traditions and shares the gifts she’s gleaned. Originally from the United States, she’s been based in Bali for the past 12 years. What makes Cat’s classes unique are not necessarily the particular asana that’s practiced, but in how you’re guided to connect within to experience yourself in a deeper and more revelatory manner.

Cat, known for the potency of her transformational work, teaches in a very present and intuitive way, seeing and feeling energy, and often makes more subtle energetic adjustments to assist your embodiment. She will guide you into sensing the “undercurrents” or the subtle energetics of your body, and gain awareness of your deeper sense of self.

As her students say: “Cat is one of a kind: playful, energetic, intuitive, captivating, fully present, devoted. Something in Cat cracks your soul open, asks your inner-self to go deeper within and then lets your magic happen. When Cat crosses your path in life it is a transformative gift to be savored.”

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