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Somatic Intelligence Secrets for Developing an Empowering Body Image with Chen Lizra

Somatic Intelligence innovator and expert Chen Lizra knows that there is something missing in a culture that is addicted to the “pace of the race,” as she calls it, spending too much time in our heads and not enough time in our bodies.

Why is this important? Well, to live a fulfilled life, Chen offers, we need to balance the drive we have for success in the material realm, with fulfillment in other realms. “When you are happy, you just know,” she says. The body is a concrete, experiential tool for connecting to these other realms – connections that are all too often lost in our race to the top.

That’s not all – Chen teaches us that if we learn to move and experience our bodies in certain ways, we can actually deliberately release endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin, the endogenous feel-good chemicals of the body.

This puts the power back into our own hands, to experience pleasure, happiness, and contentment with the most convenient tool we have access to – our own bodies.

And best of all – connecting to ourselves in this way also helps us connect more deeply with others.
How many of us are feeling alone in this modern world? Too many!!

Just some of what we talk about in this episode:

  • How body image is formed and why it is absolutely critical to understand those key moments when our keystone beliefs about ourselves were formed.
  • The role of a loving family and home in the development of positive body image and confidence in youths.
  • What’s pride got to do with it? How can families instill a healthy sense of pride from an early age, creating a sense of confidence that is not based on external factors and instead radiates from within?
  • What can we learn from other cultures about a woman’s body image when it’s healthy, self-validating and not informed by media and advertising?
  • Some simple practices that can get us starting every day full of excitement, joy and inspiration for life.
  • Other tips for feeling embodied and empowered!

…. And so much more!!

You won’t want to miss this episode with the soulful, full-of-life Chen Lizra. Let some of her exuberance and zest rub off on you!

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