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Skin Health – How I Minimize My Routine for Clear and Glowing Skin

Many people ask me what I do to keep my skin clear and radiant.

The truth is, not much!

Well, not much that would seem directly related to skin. In fact, the way I eat and hydrate seem to be the most impactful elements for my skin’s appearance. The efficacy of those two things far outweighs anything I have done directly for my skin. Including cleaners, masks, lotions, etc.

In this video, I share exactly what I do in my lifestyle that makes all the difference to my skin. As a result, I haven’t thought about beauty products any more than I want to in years.

Keystone Habits

I am learning that there are just a few basic lifestyle changes that, once established, take care of everything else. These lifestyle elements are sometimes called, “keystone habits.”

It’s a journey.

Sometimes I’ll be going along with one set of what I think are keystone habits and they seem to be working pretty well. Until, I stumble on something that is even more fundamental. Once I put the even more fundamental habit in place, the other habits I was focusing on seem less and less important. In other words, the deeper I dig down to the most foundational habits of being human, the more freedom I have in the rest of my life.

In this video, I talk about two of the most foundational keystone habits I have found – diet and hydration.

I’ve spent a decade researching the best diet for humans. Recently (in the past 2 years) I’ve made some radical changes that have marked a whole new chapter.  These lifestyle changes have turned eating from a constant riddle to an undramatic, enjoyable, routine part of life. Finally, eating nourishes and supports me. And, as an added bonus, my skin has shown its appreciation by becoming almost unbelievably low-maintenance.

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