One Year of Astrology

Do you ever wish you just knew what the f**k was going on? Why a certain conflict keeps arising, or why you can start a million things right now but can’t finish any of them? Do you ever feel like there’s an invisible blockage in your way, or just wish you could read the messages the universe is trying to send you?

With the One Year of Astrology Package, you can!

We start the year with a full natal chart reading, where you’ll watch as I decode the messages and instructions embedded in your birthchart – in a way you can actually understand! This in itself will have value for the rest of your life.  By understanding your natal chart, you’ll understand your inherent potential – the individual that wants to come out!

Every month after that, we’ll be looking at your transits and progressions – the planetary forces actually at play in your life, as well as the soul urges and desires alive at this time. This kind of deep dive into your chart will help you face challenges with a sense of empowerment and optimism, knowing that everything that comes your way can be used for your self-actualization!