Life Purpose Package

Are you tired and bored of what society is asking you to be and do? Are you just praying that there’s something more to life than the cookie cutter options that’ve been laid out for you and your future? Do you just want to be yourself?

Your intuition is right – there is something more.

You can be your true self and thrive. I mean, you can make money, have friends, find love, have fulfillment and meaning in your life and give back to the world, all on your terms.

I use ancient models of wisdom, self-discovery and divination to help you discover the unique map of your life.

Together we’ll explore your gifts, your soul’s greatest desires, the obstacles in your way, and move past beliefs that no longer serve you, to make your dreams a reality.

You’ll Get:

  • 4 hours of one-on-one coaching with me, 1 hour per week for 4 weeks.
  • 1 hour of 3rd stage astrology, an astrology system that shows with remarkable accuracy the journey your soul has been on, and what your greatest desires are in this lifetime.
  • 1 hour of enneagram coaching: some of the greatest coaches in the world right now are using the enneagram to help their clients unleash their full potential. The enneagram is not only amazing at showing your strengths, it is also uncanny at revealing blockages and prescribing the best remedies for these blockages! (We’ll actually unblock them together in Session 4).
  • A superhero health coaching session. This is not your grandma’s health coaching. It’s not a depressing list of do’s and don’ts – it’s an empowering in-depth explanation of how your unique body responds to certain stimuli. This way, you’ll know your best fuel, the kryptonite that doesn’t serve you – and the secret weapon to keep in your back pocket at all times. Remember, health is baseline. Solving for your health with easy principles will clear the way for fulfilling your potential.
  • Finale: A Beliefs Tune-Up! This is where we look into the closets of your programming to discover old beliefs and clear the ones that no longer serve you. When you transform your old beliefs, it becomes easy to turn your new knowledge into execution. This is the secret sauce that sets change in motion!