Astrology - Life Purpose - Transformation


Life Purpose Package

Knowing your purpose is the beginning of a completely new – and profoundly rewarding – stage of your life. And living your purpose is the cure for almost anything. In this package, you’ll get 4 sessions jam-packed with tools to get you seeing your life purpose – and some more for living your life purpose. You know that feeling of waking up jazzed every morning, uncontainably excited for your life? That’s what we’re building for you here – so bring all your frustration, your longing, and your pining for a life of something more.

Curb the Binge Package

Binge eating and food addiction are among the most annoying and torturous conditions, and the shame and guilt they bring just add fuel to the fire. Can you imagine living a life so rewarding, so fulfilling – that you don’t even want to binge? That food is the last thing on your mind? That’s my goal in this 4-week program – and you’ll walk away with tools that enrich you on so many levels, you’ll be thanking your binge eating for bringing you here! (While also waving goodbye, of course).

One Year of Astrology

I know, I know. Astrology can seem so woo-woo. So ungrounded. But let me tell you? Real astrology, good astrology, is like finally being able to see in the dark and realizing you’ve been blind all along – that’s how much power it brings into your life. Real astrology is about checking in – not checking out – and living your life well. So don’t knock it till you try it. This luxurious, 12-session package gives you both an incredibly in-depth understanding of your birth chart, plus a monthly report of your transits (what’s going on for you in the moment and near future).

Beliefs Tune-Up

Did you know that most of us have been walking around with un-updated beliefs for most of our lives? That’s like never updating your OS and expecting your device to run well – no wonder things are slow-going! In this session, we’ll unearth your limiting beliefs and simply, quickly and effectively change them. You’ll walk away feeling lighter, more hopeful and clear, even in the areas of your life that have been the most challenging. *Most people also find that their external life circumstances begin to shift once they make these internal tweaks.
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