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Beyond Resistance and Clinging

Binge eating – or rather, our relationship with food – can be a powerful tool to learn one of life’s most liberation lessons – how not to resist anything, and not to cling to it either.

Clinging and resistance are root habits of the mind. It feels it is doing us a service by going towards objects of pleasure and pushing away what we perceive to be objects of pain.

This stops the organic flow of life.

In life, everything is a part. Eating and not eating, moving and resting, sun and moon, light and dark, forgetting and remembering. All these dance together, and interweave into a rich experience we call life.

It’s this experience we are hungry for, not the “good” things only. A soul starved of sorrow, of longing and surrender, is just as starved as a soul that has long missed the experiences of joy and pleasure.

We reach for pleasure in different ways. We may eat or not eat, both are clinging.

We resist pain in many ways, too. We may eat to resist a pain we feel inside, or we may not eat in order to resist the pain of any inner voices that attack us for not being “good enough.”

The lesson is the same.

How can we be with what is happening in the moment, release the need to control it, and notice, notice, notice?

Life is always changing. Now, what is real is not the same as even one exhalation ago.

As soon as we “understand” the inhale, it is time for the exhale.

And the other way around.

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