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Explore Other Ways to Nurture Yourself (Besides Eating)

It’s no secret that I believe Purpose to be the healer of all addictions.

Sometimes all we need is a really tough job, one that requires we do that which is hardest for us, give up that which seems unthinkable to give up ~ in order to open the doorway to contentment and bliss.

It’s like that song in The Sound of Music, you need a dream that will take all the love you can give. (If you haven’t seen The Sound of Music, rent it asap.)

Because a dream that requires any less, will not change you the same way.

We all think to some extent that we want to remain in the nest. At the same time, we want to fly.

In reality, we don’t actually get to do both of those things at the same time. We must stay in the nest, at least somewhat, until we are ready to fly.

We can take baby steps, though. We can play around with our wings, and we do. All your life you have been honing the skills you need in order to live your dream, perhaps without knowing it.

Maybe you are meant to be the owner of a unique and groundbreaking animal shelter. You may not be a trained veterinarian, but you’ve been taking care of your beloved dog for the past 7 years. Pouring your love into learning how to care for your dog, you have been acquiring the very skills you need to live your animal shelter dream.

You see, it is my bias that the skills we truly ending up needing are not just the ones we learn in school.

Those come in handy, too, no doubt. But it isn’t like the rest of the time, when you weren’t in school or formally studying for school, that you were wasting your time.

And when it’s time to live that dream ~ whatever it may be for you ~ (if you want help figuring it out, schedule a free initial consult with me), you’re going to have to learn a new skill – nurturing yourself in other ways besides eating.

This is because you and I both know you can’t show up for your best life if you are overeating, emotional eating, and compulsively eating.

When you’re ready to fly, that needs to end.

But the you inside needs nurturing.

So what will you do?

You will have to do some experimenting. Find out that which nourishes you on a deep level – AND DON’T EXPECT IT TO BE OBVIOUS.

When we think nurturing, we think sleep, baths, massages, and walks on the sand. Those things might very well serve you, but so might making a compost pile, grooming your dog, learning to use power tools or writing a letter to your great-grandmother.

Often it’s the things we don’t think of that would serve us the most.

So we have to think outside of the box.

Listen to this week’s podcast, “How to Function at a Higher Level Starting Now with Tomas Jones” for one really awesome idea on how to take care of yourself that won’t take very long.

What do you do for self-nurturing? What weird thing do you suspect might be your key to self-care?

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