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One Quick Tip to Go Out There and Kick Some Ass

You are tremendously creative.

Yes, you.

How do I know?

Because people with this much HUNGER, this much passion, are hungry for something deeper than food.

You are just too afraid (not for long) to feed your hunger with that which will really nourish you, your creative passions.

Why would you be afraid of such a thing?

Because following your creative passions means taking a real risk.

It means making yourself vulnerable to the world, throwing away societal norms, and blazing your own trail.

I know something about you.

I know that you have always had a voice inside you that knows certain things can be done a different way, better, than the way that society normally does them.

You have looked around on many occasions and felt an impulse to live life differently.

To dance to the beat of your own drum.

You have seen that eccentric lady walking down the aisle at the grocery store, or through the pathway at the farmer’s market, and you have felt that there is a part of her in you.

And that has terrified and exhilarated you at the same time.

But the fear won.

I know that you appreciate people who do their own thing, who dance to the beat of THEIR own drum, but you have not found a way to live that yet in your own life.

There’s a part of you that wants to keep up with the Jones’s.

But let me tell you something.

Everyone wants to keep up with the Jones’s. That means there are no Jones’s. Everyone is looking around at everyone else to give them clues on how to live.

And that is a boring way to live.

It leaves us all terrified half to death, and bored ¾ of the way to death.


Use This Not Easy Very Satisfying Tip to Skyrocket Your Creativity

Artists are hungry. This took me a very long time to make peace with.

The key thing to understand here is that Hunger is One, and the true way of fulfilling that hunger is One, but distractions from hunger are many.

Let me show you with an example.

You might be hungry to change the world, but if you are too afraid to go out there and take action on the thing you are really hungry for, then chocolate cake will do – temporarily – to fill you up.

And, because

you can never get enough of what you don’t really want,

that chocolate cake seems to encounter a bottomless pit. We want to put more in, and more in, and more in. And, in fact, that pit never really does get filled – the hunger never does get quelled – we just get distracted by our eventual discomfort. Bloatedness, feeling overly full, distracts us from our hunger for a little bit.

But it never really satiates it.


Distractions from True Hunger are Called Addictions

They are not bad, there is nothing wrong with them inherently.

They are there as a prop, a crutch, to support us until we are ready.

The important thing is to know that one day you WILL be ready.

That one day, fulfilling your hunger with the real object of its desire will feel infinitely more appealing than binging on food.

In fact, there will come a day when binging on food will never cross your mind.

It will feel as violent of an action to yourself as deliberate self harm, and you will reject it flat out.


Here’s the Tip
(Okay, there are Two Tips)  

There are two action steps that I want you to take.

1)One, the more outward one, is to experiment with leaving yourself only ¾ of the way full when you leave the table.

Start to feel in your body, to know in your senses, that mild hunger will not kill you.

That in fact, it is a driving force.

Leave yourself a little bit hungry and watch yourself start to feel inspired to take action on your inspirations.

Note, this can take a little time. At first, the mind can obsess over that hunger, not trusting it.

This can take months and even years to move through, or it may take much less.

Everyone is on their own time, but the one thing that is guaranteed is that you will be growing, you will be changing, and progress in any area of life equals happiness.

2) The second step is a more introspective one. Ask yourself, what am I really hungry for? 

Maybe ever since you were little, you wanted to write, or dance ballet, and for one reason or another, you got scared. Maybe someone said something mean (can feel so debilitating), or perhaps you had decided long ago that you wouldn’t make it, or you were afraid of the attention.

And yet, not doing that thing has created pain for you in your life.

It’s what you wanted before you wanted food.

You just felt sure you couldn’t have it.

Well, you were wrong.

As Liz Gilbert says, find the thing you would do even if you knew you might fail. Find the thing you would do anyway, simply because it’s too painful not to do it.

And, as Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figureoutable.”

Guaranteed, if you step up to the plate and say YES to that which life is asking you to do, you will become masterful at something that will bring you more joy than you ever imagined.

You will become masterful at being you, and bringing something to the world that was seriously not here before you brought it.

Not in a flaky way, in a real, measurable, indisputable way.

And that’s what you admired about that crazy lady at the market in the first place.

I love you,


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