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Not Fit for Human Consumption

We are on a precipice together, all of us. The past is falling away, and sometimes it isn’t pretty or cozy, and it’s definitely not comfortable. Do we know what the future holds for us? Only in our hearts.

We know because we are the creators, we are the dreamers of this dream.

And, the ones experiencing it.

It’s pretty cool.

The work I do with humans is helping us/them see what part they have to play in this whole transformation. Because for everyone who comes to me, there is an unrelenting call within to become their potential. The screaming creative energy inside that will no longer fit into a box, or follow a script – and just wants to be free, at whatever cost.

This IS being Human.

This is being FULLY HUMAN.

It’s painful. It’s excruciating. It’s authentic and real and somehow we know, when we are in this stage of our development, that we are going through another Birth.

Just like the butterfly, so delicate and impossibly gorgeous – impossibly enacted and realized – had to die a living death to become what she is – we Humans do this all the time.

It’s right of passage, and it’s not discussed nearly as much as it needs to be. As we need it to be.

Allow me to bring a little astrology in here. From now until 2023, Pluto (the planet of transformation) is in Capricorn. Pluto is doing everything it can to pressure us into releasing the old – that which no longer serves humanity and our world – so that we can allow in a new version of living.

Will we allow our higher power, higher self, spirit, to transform us? Or will we resist? Transformation is acutely painful, yes. And, it does not last forever. As long as we trust the process of transformation itself, and know that we will eventually make it to the “other side” – and, most importantly, that it will be worth it – we can endure that acute intensity.

After all that pain, there is peace. There is the quiet fact of a new beginning. There is pure being. Simple.

And we are never the same again. Should we long for who we were – which we might, and that is understandable and natural, too  – we’ll find it simply no longer exists. Who can find the trace of the caterpillar in the butterfly? They are genetically different, even.

We might try to enact our old patterns, because they worked for us then – only to find that they don’t work now.

The food we loved does not taste the same. The ways we got a “hit” from foods or or media or anything else that “got us through” – no longer does the trick. We may try over and over again, to no avail. Only to find those things that brought us some relief and helped us cope – are now not food for us at all (I use “food” broadly, as in something that feeds)- they are poison.

The butterfly cannot subsist on what the caterpillar ate. It would die. The caterpillar eats host plants, while the butterfly drinks nectar.

What is happening?

We are becoming fully human. 


When we are fully human, we may look around and see that what has been fed to us as sustenance when we were under the governance of “the system” is actually not fit for human consumption.

The processed food – yes, including the processed food at the health food store – but not only the food. The typical work schedule that is touted as normal – wherein we slave away from 9-5 and then whatever scraps are left at the end of the day, those are for you – that begins to look untenable.

The noise, light pollution, and information pollution littering our cities may start to bother and chafe. You need a different kind of fuel not only for your body, but for your mind, your heart, and your spirit (which are all of course indivisible).

You may feel the pull of the old life. The old customs that linked you to family, old friends, and a culture you grew up in. You may reach out an arm back to the past, your current state as foreign and confusing to you as if you had woken up in the body of a differing species. It isn’t comfortable.

We must remember, though, that it’s the only way forward for us. It feels foreign because we have not lived in peace for a long, long time. We must remember that this transformation brings the light, the spark, the aliveness we have all been waiting for. The connection we have all been waiting for.

With time, once you have undergone your own transformation, you may begin to know that the arm you are extending back is the arm of a leader – not to be dragged back, but to pull forward.

Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko on Unsplash

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