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Mastering the Art of Living: When Work Becomes Play

As an astrologer and life coach, I see so many folks struggling to find their calling, and do what they love for a living.

For too many of us, work is still drudgery, and then there forms a rift, a binary, between so-called “work” and so-called “play.” And because of Human nature, we resist work and we embrace play. Then we shame ourselves for not wanting to work more, perhaps feeling that we are irresponsible, or need to “grow up.”

You can rest assured that this is a symptom of a culture out of balance, a culture that does not yet embrace that we are all here with a calling, here to bring to bear what we have been internally and innately gifted, for the highest and best good of all.

If we were to live in a culture that trusted that, were everyone to live their true calling, we would naturally find balance, this inward desire to merge work and play would be supported.

Because in the true laws of nature, work and play are not separate. When one is living their dharma, or their calling, a deep interest and engagement takes over, and work in fact becomes the grown-up version of play. It becomes something we look forward to, something we give ourselves over to willingly.

Along with this, addiction loses its grip on us, because we are receiving true fulfillment and no longer have to mistake pleasure for happiness.

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