You are currently viewing Lift Episode 9: Living with Death with Ashley Kirchner

Lift Episode 9: Living with Death with Ashley Kirchner

In difficult times, when we need to know how to live through loss and drastic life alterations, we can look to those who have been through it – the wisdom-holders of our global community. In 2016, Ashley “Ash” Kirchner lost his 20-year-old daughter to a tragic train accident – living through the experience that most parents dread above all. Only, he doesn’t view death the way the rest of us do. When he talks about his beloved daughter, it’s in the present tense – and, no, he isn’t in denial about her death, either.

Originally from the island of Aruba, Ash’s family has long put a celebratory spin on loss and regarded the “dead” as not really gone at all. As a result, the man you’ll see and hear in this interview is not fragmented by grief. Instead, he brings his grief with him into a full life. Compassionate, glad of heart, and constantly in connection with his daughter, this man has invaluable and timely lessons to teach us about how to remain whole in the face of loss.

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