You are currently viewing Lift Episode 6: Step Into Your All-Ness with Sabrina Lynn

Lift Episode 6: Step Into Your All-Ness with Sabrina Lynn

So many of us walk around wondering why we can’t access our creativity, why our full potential sits there and, while we can feel it, we can’t quite access it or truly live from it.

It nags at us, and days, weeks and years pass without our stepping into and experiencing the bliss of our full power.

Sabrina Lynn is someone who has deeply explored this question – not through intellect, but through her own embodied practice. She’s delved deep and returned with astonishing clarity, and an understanding of how stepping into our All-ness truly works.

She’s explored a wide assortment of archetypes – both masculine and feminine, many of which are taboo and unaccepted by society. She’s gone where many of us fear to tread – and come back with a strength and power so many of us crave.

Don’t take it from me – hear for yourself how much authentic passion and energy lives in Sabrina’s presence.

Warning: inspiration abounds in this episode, and you just might be tempted to dive into parts of yourself that haven’t seen the light of day, but that hold the key to your empowerment.

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