You are currently viewing Lift Episode 3: The Universe is Talking To You with Blain Bovee

Lift Episode 3: The Universe is Talking To You with Blain Bovee

Blain Bovee is an astrologer, author, and overall wisdom holder in our midst. Before becoming a professional astrologer over 20 years ago, he studied and earned graduate degrees in both, Philosophy and Far Eastern Studies. His wealth of wisdom is shared with us through this conversation today. 

Have you ever wondered, how does astrology work? What do the stars and celestial bodies have to do with our affairs here on Earth? Why would we ever want to look to them, for guidance? 

The answer, entails shifting our perspective on the nature of life and the universe, from a rationalist view of our surroundings as lifeless and random, to the vibrant aliveness of a universe that is perpetually speaking to us. Blain and I discuss in our podcast today. 

We also touch on: 

  • Astrology as counseling
  • A “job” verses a “vocation,” and what to do when you worry that your “vocation” or calling won’t make you enough money to live on. 
  • And more. 

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