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Let the Universe Know You’re Receptive

“Ask and It Is Given” is the name of the Abraham-Hicks book that changed by life.

It is as good as it sounds, and it celebrates a wonderful and blessed aspect of being human: we get to create what we want. We get to create the reality we live in.

The catch is, we are often blind to our own power, living as though we were victims of the circumstances life puts upon us, just doing our best to survive.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably ready to open up to something more.

Our mainstream culture doesn’t teach this. Our educational systems leave this out of the curriculum, though it may be the most empowering life lesson of all.

Jiddu Krishnamurti spoke of the inseparability of freedom and responsibility. Perhaps we aren’t given this power of creating our own realities until the universe is sure we can handle the responsibility.

Just a thought.

In any case, the responsibility is something we cannot ignore. Knowing that we are the directors of this movie, we must understand that we have an enormous responsibility to our planet and our fellow humans.

My heartfelt advice is that, whatever you long to create in this life, you start taking yourself seriously.

Write these things down, pray over them, imagine the feeling of them in your body. If you long for partnership, imagine what it would feel like to be in the relationship of your dreams. If finding your life’s work is what’s needed, deeply imagine in your bones what it might feel like to wake up every morning with crystal-clear purpose.

Writing down in as much detail what it is you want to create will help refine your prayer.

And, once you are done, I highly, highly recommend adding this short clause:

may whatever comes be for the benefit of all beings.

This will ensure that you stay aligned with Love on your creative journey, and that you feel at peace about everything you create henceforth.

That’s just part One.

Once you’ve created your prayer and blessed it with these lines, you need to show the universe that you’re receptive.

Make room for what it is you want – in your heart, in your mind and in your life.

Ask yourself, is there room for a partner in your home? Is all the closet space already taken? Is the passenger seat of your car open and free for a companion to comfortably join you, or is it cluttered with a pile of old junk? Just as importantly, is there room in your heart to consider the needs and preferences of another, while honoring your own?

Similarly, if you are looking to call in a life purpose, is there room in your life to dedicate yourself – even part-time – to exploring a new interest? Or are you working so much at your current job that your time and energy resources are already depleted?

It seems so simple, and it can be a life-changing step. Envisioning what we want and getting clear on it is step one.

Step two is making room for that to come to be.

In manifestation, the feminine properties of receiving and allowing are the underpinnings of the action steps you inevitably must take to move you closer to your goal.

If you clean your house, for example, clean it from the spirit of allowing something fresh to come in. You may find this kind of cleaning is noticeably less draining than cleaning out of a sense of thinking that you should, or that you would be bad if you didn’t

One more quick example. When I was calling in a partner, I joined an online dating service, not so much because I hoped to find my mate there – I had completely let go of how that would happen – but in the spirit of expressing to the universe that I was receptive.

Above all, remember: your intention is the most important part. Seat yourself in your heart and act from there. All else will follow!

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