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I Will Learn at My Own Pace – A Guided Meditation

This week we have a guided meditation – a joyful and relaxing way to do the “inner work” of healing our food issues, any time, day or night. Please set aside 35 minutes to get comfortable and let everything else go.

I call this meditation, “I Will Learn at My Own Pace” instead of “I Will Heal at My Own Pace” because healing is, essentially, learning. We heal by understanding and then consciously changing our behavior based on our understanding.

When it comes to learning, there is so much stigma in the world. When we go to school, we get grades that assess “how well we learn.” And yet, learning cannot be measured – it happens for everyone at their own pace.

Ironically, all this stigma often gets in the way of true learning – learning from the soul. When we have truly learned something, we change our ways not out of fear of punishment, instead we change because we get it. It clicks. It may not be easy at first, but we see the necessity for that change in behavior, and through our understanding we are strong enough to keep making the harder choice, even if we were never able to before.

This audio meditation is one to help you relax into the joy and the gift of learning, which is healing.

May it calm, reassure, and bring you back to balance, where all true learning begins.

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