You are currently viewing “I Don’t Believe that God Likes Repetition” – Healing Habitual Patterns Through Mindfulness with Felix Lopez

“I Don’t Believe that God Likes Repetition” – Healing Habitual Patterns Through Mindfulness with Felix Lopez

I believe we all want to heal from the inside out, rather than just managing our “condition” or symptoms.

This involves lifting the curtain just a little bit and taking a compassionate look at the underlying causes of our habits.

My guest on this podcast is a spiritual teacher and healer who has an incredible gift for saying things in a way that has the power to surprise us, and lift us out of our habitual way of thinking.

Habitual patterns are not formed because we are wrong or bad – they are formed for a neuro-scientifically good reason.

At the same time, we all know on a deep, gut level that repeating the same behavior over and over in search of happiness eventually does not lead to happiness. In fact, it leads to the opposite!

So, how can we bring a little variety into our lives? Instead of pressing the same “pleasure” button out of habit and fear, how can we make a different choice, and innocently enjoy the variety of what life has to offer, free from guilt and shame?

The beautiful truth that Felix reveals is that, through a gentle process of mindfulness, which anyone can do, we can start to distance ourselves from our bad habits, until us and our bad habits become like oil and water – we just don’t mix!

This and other nuances in today’s episode.

To give you a little bit of the flavor of this unique and treasured teacher, some of Felix’s quotes (and key points) from this episode are:

  • “If you are trying, you are not doing.”
  • “Emotions are chemicals in your body.”
  • (On the Buddhist idea of the Middle Way) “My Middle way is not your Middle Way.”
  • “I don’t believe that God likes repetition.”
  • “How you are feeling – that’s the compass.”
  • “We are very good with organic bananas but we are not good at being organic with ourselves.”

This episode is fun and exploratory, and almost guaranteed to give you some new insights of your own. Enjoy!

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