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How Interconnectedness Can Solve Our Personal Pain

Friends, clarity is not always easy to come by. Often we are mired in confusion, not knowing who we are, what we came here for, and why our lives seem to keep spinning in a vortex of patterns, good and bad.

Deep down, we may be longing, even waiting, for a breakthrough.

The choices that we make, the words that we say, are powerful beyond ordinary comprehension, being as we are, a species of creators, with our own free will. However, there is a place for trust and faith, and knowing that it isn’t just the fearing, anxious self on the service that is holding the reigns.

No matter how lost we are, there is a cosmic creative intelligence that holds us, and this intelligence comes straight from the Source. We come with a map for our mission, that map is called the astrology chart, and if you haven’t read yours or had it read for you by a seasoned and well-intentioned astrologer, I highly recommend taking this informed peek into the lay of the land for your life, this lifetime around.

As my own spiritual coach Kathe Izzo consistently reminds me, “you chose this.” She says this about everything: my struggles, my joys and victories, my seemingly bottomless frustrations.

The key is that most of us are asleep, most of the time. We aren’t actively looking at our struggles as conundrums, riddles to inform our lives and ultimately make them more rich ~ we are often just railing against them or putting all our energy on resisting them, keeping the big bad wolf out.

We don’t need to do that. I think we organically find this if we struggle with something long enough. “Ok,” we might finally say, “fighting this head-on is not working. I’ve been doing it for years, decades, and still the same pattern is knocking at my door.”

Maybe this is when we surrender. The Bhagavad Gita, one of the root texts of yoga philosophy, teaches that eventually we must lay down our own will so that the divinity of our True Purpose can shine through.

I have experienced this as being totally true.

So, how do we honor ourselves? Our True Selves, which already know our purpose?

I believe a good start is to acknowledge our connectedness with all things. The sun and moon affect us immeasurably, as do the planets. In fact, you can rest assured knowing that even when you don’t know how to help yourself, the stars will align one day in the perfect manifestation of clarity in your life, and clear-seeing will be yours once again. Just keep longing for it, the more consciously, the better.

Plants, animals, and the heartbeat of this very planet are on a direct cord to your soul as well, they are inside of you and you are inside of them. You can ask for help, guidance ~ and, of course, doing your part to bestow kindness on all things has a ripple and a boomerang effect that is sometimes called karma, and is really just the Human Way.

Similarly, our brothers and sisters on this planet affect us directly. When they bleed, we bleed. If a nation of peoples on our planet is experiencing violence, terror and strife, we are bleeding with them whether we acknowledge it or not. There is no way for full happiness to ripen until all of our brothers and sisters are safe and free.

Stephen Cope talks about the “age-old misery of self-absorption.” It is so. The easiest way to relieve our suffering is to focus on our interconnectedness and how to bring relief and ease into the life and immediate experience of another. This is a delightful and very Human way of bringing us all palpably closer to the glittering shore of our destination – emancipation, abundance, overflowing creativity, and eternal happiness for All!

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