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How Coronavirus Has Finally Brought Us to Our North Node (Positive Spiritual Direction) Week of 3/23-29, 2020


First and foremost, a very blessed astrological New Year to you. Yes, in the midst of this uncertain, challenging and in many ways unprecedented time, we greet a new beginning with the Sun having moved into Aries several days ago.
Of course, along with it came the Spring Equinox (for those in the Northern Hemisphere) and the Autumnal Equinox (for those in the Southern Hemisphere) marked in the pagan calendar by the festivals Ostara and Mabon, respectively.
And in just a little more than a day, the moon will join the Sun for a New Moon in Aries.
In the midst of this unusual time, I do hope you have been able to take some actions to rejuvenate, whether that be more time in nature, in a bath, in bed, in meditation, or simply taking your time eating nourishing meals and bringing your awareness to the present moment.
Celestially speaking, there is a great deal of important shifting and action in the sky – which is, of course, a reflection of what is going on in the collective unconscious and ultimately manifesting as our collective outward circumstance.
The first is that Saturn has just now officially moved into the sign of Aquarius, the sign of the collective. Wherever Saturn is (and Saturn rules both, Capricorn and Aquarius), is where the Universe has sent the wise elder to bring lessons of maturation and responsibility, and to highlight the effects of karma – or, simply put, our past actions.
In Aquarius, Saturn is drawing attention to right lifestyle. In a highly individualized society, lifestyle seems to refer to our everyday routines and regimens, yet it’s all very self-focused (at least in my neck of the woods). In a different day in age, though, once could not think of lifestyle without immediately thinking of one’s interconnectedness to their community, because the community depended on the one and the one depended on the community. Perhaps, we will be led there again – but that is just my personal assessment.
Saturn will stay here, highlighting the themes of right lifestyle in the context of our communities and, indeed, our global family, through July 1st, 2020, whereupon it will move back into Capricorn until mid-late December. Though the global eye has already been pointed in the direction of our interconnectedness, we can expect more in the coming months. What are our responsibilities, here? Have we been doing our part in relation to the health of the whole, and have we, as a society, even held in our awareness that there even is a *whole* to be responsible, to?
That’s Saturn. And there will be more about it, but for now, let’s move on to another major change that has occurred in the last few days: the Sun has moved out of Pisces and into Aries.
That was a lot of Pisces energy for a while there – and I don’t know about you, but I had trouble getting things done, feeling clarity in my mind (which may continue as Mercury remains in Pisces through April 27th), and a healthy sense of direction. With the Sun having moved into Aries (and the new moon in Aries following closely behind), I already feel the strong, initiating spark of spirit (Aries is a fire sign, and fire is the element closest to spirit). It’s like someone changed the music from ethereal and boundless to energized and purposeful. Whoever that was, thank you.
Now, we can’t talk about this week without talking about Mars. Like Venus in February of this year, now we have Mars in the spotlight, taking centerstage. In fact, the entire expansion of COVID-19 over the past weeks could be linked with the transit of Mars through Capricorn, where it has passed over the South Node, and been co-present with said South Node, Jupiter, Pluto and, until today, Saturn.
In case anyone was wondering what all the hoopla regarding the Saturn/Pluto conjunction was about, I see it this way: Saturn and Pluto set up the situation, and indeed many of us felt mounting pressure and stress. But it wasn’t until Mars came along that the situation had its ultimate expression in the exterior (and we are yet to see the extent of it, of course).
Mars is active, so it catalyzes – it makes things happen.
As I write this, Mars is conjoining the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, a conjunction that by itself has to do with power and transformation through knowledge and, in its highest expression, wisdom. It’s pretty obvious to all that what we are going through collectively will change things on our planet. But it may be helpful to keep in mind that Jupiter, while it can and does expand anything including panic and crisis (Mars), also brings grace and, sometimes, its gifts at first blush look like crisis.
That’s not to take anything away from the sobriety of the situation and the loss we have already endured. But it *is* to point to the possibility that there may be grace to be found here, also. A silver lining that may become obvious once the proverbial inflammation goes down.
On March 31st, Mars will conjoin Saturn, so we can reasonably expect another week with this inflamed quality to it.
By the beginning of April, Mars will not only be done conjoining the heavy-hitters, it will be out of the sign of Capricorn, and there is astrological reason to believe – and of course the great hope – that the inflamed quality will calm considerably.
Deep breath.
Before I leave you, let me say a word about Capricorn and Cancer.
At its core, astrology is a system of opposites. In fact, one of my favorite ways of exploring sign archetypes is through their relationships with their opposite pole.
Like any polarity, you cannot have Taurus without Scorpio, Aries without Libra and so one. ??? ??? ???’? ???? ????????? ??????? ??????.
Now, it bears emphasizing that over the past year and a half, while we have had so much concentration of Capricorn energy through Saturn, Pluto and the South Node’s presence there (and, more recently, Jupiter), they have been opposed the North Node, which has been in Cancer.
What does the North Node represent but positive spiritual direction, in this case for all of us collectively.
And what is Cancer? Cancer is the imperative to nurture what is most important. It is the archetype of the Divine Mother.
For the past year and a half, Spirit has been urging us to rest more, take better care of ourselves – to exit the hamster wheel and tend to what is most important.
I’ve spent much of this period wondering if anyone – including myself – was heeding this guidance, because if we were, it was subtle, to say the least.
Not so subtle, anymore.
Through Capricorn (the firm, fatherly guidance of authorities, the government), we have been made to heed the call of the Cancer North Node!
To stay at home, to drink more water, breathe more fresh air, and tend to our health.
And that is the beautiful thing about astrology.
And about polarities.
For months and months, I have been wracking my brain to see how the energetic concentrations in Capricorn and Cancer would play out. If the North Node was in Cancer, yet Saturn and Pluto were in Capricorn, what were we being shown? Where were we being asked to place our attention? Who would win, the soft mother, or the firm, disciplining father?
An opposition always feels like an impossible situation. ?? ??????/??.
Never before have I seen such a clear expression (and yes, I am young both in my physical years and, relatively, as an astrologer) of the lesson that oppositions – and any aspects – are about integration.
Through Capricorn, we’ve arrived at Cancer.
At the same time as honoring the gravitas of the suffering going on in the world, which is very real, let’s also honor the remarkable energetic intelligence of the universe, expressed now through this configuration, this divine geometric dance.
We’ve made it to our Cancer North Node. Hallelujah. We may not have been willing to; the momentum of the hamster wheel may have been too much for us to take on, on our own.
Now that we are here, may we be blessed in the deliberate, conscious nurturing of what’s most important.

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