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How and WHY to Forgiving Yourself RIGHT AWAY is Essential

We live in a culture of blame and shame.

Shame is used as a tactic on children from the earliest of ages, swapping long-term psychological health and steadfast connection to our core, for short-term behavioral results.

Most of us grow up with shame deeply rooted in our consciousness. This shame stilts our confidence and permeates us, letting doubt and fear seep in to all of our endeavors.

The saddest thing about guilt and shame is that they kill our creativity. They kill the very part of us that wants to do better. Ok, not kill. Rather, smother. They make that part of us very small, pushed into a corner.

A very simple and yet instantly transformational technique that has benefits for all, is this: the moment you notice you have made a mistake, get back on track – at least, make the intention to get back on track – and then, Forgive Yourself.

The way you would forgive a baby or a very, very beloved One, perhaps and elder. Someone you could not and would not EVER hold a grudge against.

Just like that, wipe your hands clean: Forgiven.

This is the best way to move forward into the goodness you intend for your life and for the lives of all beings.

Art by Tatiana Fed

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