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Honoring Yourself Vs. Staying in Your Comfort Zone: How Can You Tell the Difference?

What is it to “honor yourself?”

This is a really important question.

Because we get it confused all the time.

Is it to put yourself first?

Have excellent self-care?

Listen to your intuition?

Only do things you feel like doing?

Let’s look deeper – can we really honor ourselves if we don’t see ourselves?

I believe the first step here is to look deeply and relentlessly until we find out who we are.

This can be a long journey in itself, with many different landscapes traversed and phases lived through during the voyage. It’s the most exciting journey I can think of, though, and if you hold the question in your heart the entire time, you will come to know the answer.

And, contrary to what you might hear out there, taking on this search is NOT selfish, NOT a waste of time.

In fact, it’s the preparatory work that will turn you into the person that will be of most benefit to this world; one who knows Who they are and cannot help but shine the light of their being as brightly as Humanly possible to illuminate the path of others.

That said, I know it can be a lonely journey, and one that many folks around you may not understand. If you are reading this, you probably have already had some glimpses and glimmers of what I am talking about.

So, to Honor yourself, I believe you must first know who you are – not just know intellectually, but to have seen yourself.

You already know some of the ways in which you get to see yourself. Perhaps it’s when you are walking in the woods alone, or swimming in a river – or mixing the colors of acrylic paint on your palette. Maybe it’s something you haven’t done for years, like picked up your guitar – or maybe it’s something extraordinarily simple, like going for a walk around the block and stopping to chat with the homeless man always on the same corner.

Maybe singing in the shower gives you a glimpse of that essence ~ that essence of YOU. You don’t know anyone else like this in the whole world. That essence is completely and utterly unique.

Follow that.

That essence has no fear. It’s here to take this life by storm and make no apologies. And don’t think for a second that just because you haven’t seen it for years or even decades, it’s gone anywhere. It’s right there, waiting for a window to peek through. How will you clean your spiritual windows and allow your essence to shine through?

This is the key not only to honoring ourselves,

it’s the key to increasing your energy levels. 

Because you see, energy doesn’t just come from food and good sleep and exercise. Those are very tangible ways of increasing our energy levels, and basic. But as we refine ourselves through self-knowledge (meditation and other awareness practices work well to evolve this process) we are shown that a spiritual tune-up can work in an even more miraculous and ultimately much more sustainable way.

We won’t always get a great nights’ sleep or eat the best food (though we try), but cleaning our spiritual windows can give us a top-up of energy even after a two-hour night of sleep.

What do I mean by “cleaning your spiritual windows?” Do something you LOVE!

Maybe something you haven’t done in a while. Again, something that brings your essence to the fore because the Real You loves it so genuinely that, when you are doing that thing, the Real You cannot stay away.

Once you see that Fearless being, the Real You, you will know that “honoring yourself” does not mean staying in your comfort zone. It doesn’t mean not doing the things that make us uncomfortable; it means becoming the best steward we can to that Goddess that we discover inside of ourselves. It means tuning in to her and listening deeply to what she really needs.

It means asking her what brings her joy and then choosing that, every day. Even if we start with baby steps as we slowly walk out of our comfort zone (which is often the case).

And, let’s face it, our joy often lies right beyond our comfort zone, of maybe even a bit farther.

Today, stretch yourself in honor of your Self and feel the jolt of Energy and Motivation that comes from that.

Art by Willow Arlenea

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  1. Stephanie

    Loving these Katya…and always relate. Seems you are writing from what’s in my own head. <3

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