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Foodies vs. Food Addicts

I, being a food addict, have always wondered how my foodie friends could do what they do for a living. Seriously – some people eat food for a living. To me that sounds like torture. Indulgence, to me, is not a nurturing experience. Rather, it’s an experience of inner conflict. One part of me may be experiencing pleasure, while another part of me – what feels like my “true self,” is looking on, displeased.

I used to wonder whether these folks – food writers, food critics, chefs – were just food addicts that had zero shame about it. Who decided, well, since I’m addicted to food, why not make that my profession?

If that were the case, choosing such a profession would really be shooting yourself in the foot, leaving little room to heal. Anyhow, the point of my story is that, the further I step from binging, the more I actually enjoy my food.

In fact, I am slowly realizing that when I was using food to run away from my reality, I wasn’t enjoying my food at all. I was using it. My brain was exhausted from the excess dopamine (stimulation), and excessive amounts of food were stuffed down rather than savored, enjoyed, appreciated with every taste and bite.

That, my friends, is what I believe to be the major difference between a foodie and a food addict – a foodie knows how to savor and enjoy food.

A food addict, in my humble experience, usually does the opposite.

We have something to learn from foodies. In fact, I may be becoming more of one.

Enjoying beautiful, flavorful, delicious food in small amounts. Not quantity, quality.

This is a hallmark of life getting better.

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