Honor Your Ebbs and Flows by Understanding the Moon’s Phases: Ayurvedic and Astrological Tools for Inner Harmony

Do you ever feel like you should always be “on” – cheerful, energized and outgoing? 

When you feel tired, inward or in need of downtime, do you feel like something is “wrong” and you need to fix it? 

Do you feel awkward for sometimes being an emotional mess? 

Do you feel a calling to step into, embrace and allow the fullness of your being, rather than preferring one flavor of your expression while pushing the others into the shadow, or “coping with them” rather than enjoying their possible gifts? 

The ancient wisdom traditions of Ayurvedic Medicine and Astrology deeply honored the cyclical nature of all beings, and revered the moon as the luminous choreographer of our energetic and emotional states. 

In this 2.5 hour webinar, Ayurvedic practitioner Tauna Houghton and Astrologer Katya Slivinskaya will take you through the 8 stages of the moon, and the unique energetic flavor to expect from each phase. You will learn: 

  • An astrological understanding of the purpose and quality of each moon phase
  • Ayurvedic tips for keeping yourself healthy and balanced during each phase 
  • Why it’s absolutely natural to favor one of the moon’s phases and feel awkward and somewhat uncomfortable during other phases, and what that teaches about your karmic history and your mission in this lifetime
  • How to develop the intuitive part of your being, which is traditionally ruled by the moon. 
  • How to accept, honor and respect yourself as a cyclical being, release the pressure on yourself to always be one way, and embrace the wisdom of your natural rhythm. 
  • How to use your understanding of the moon’s phases to plan your activities. 

When we align with the moon’s cycles to plan our activities, we can end the feeling of always swimming upstream, and start to feel very supported in our activities, and our lives begin to have a natural flow. 

In fact, most ancient cultures planned everything around the moon! Much of this knowledge that has been lost, has been preserved by the wisdom traditions of Ayurveda and Astrology. 

Living with awareness and honoring of the moon’s cycles will naturally begin to improve your: 

  • Sleep 
  • Immunity
  • Adrenal health
  • Thyroid health
  • Overall hormonal health 
  • Sex drive
  • Creativity 
  • Stress levels 
  • Mood 
  • Self-love, kindness, and self-respect 

We’ll also discuss how our own internal cycles, overlap and interact with the cycles of the moon. 

And, we’ll equip you with bonus tools to take home and deepen your mastery of the moon’s cycles after the class is over. 

So come join us for this fun, interactive Master Class in which we will use both, the lecture format and more embodied practices to deeply integrate this powerful ancient knowledge and wisdom of the moon!


  • Learn Your Unique Moon Phase!: When you know which phase the moon was in when you were born, you will understand how to honor your unique personality and rhythms of expansion and contraction.
  • 5 Senses Meditation to Enhance Intuition: This 20 minute audio will guide you deeply into an embodied experience of the moment, which will help you develop your intuition.
  • Moon & You Tracking Calendar: Track your mood and energy levels to see how the moon effects you personally.

???’? ???? ?? ?? ??? ???? ?????? No worries! Register anyway so so we can give you the personalized moon reading and bonuses – and we’ll send you the recording to watch at your convenience.


Tauna is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner whose mission is to help sensitive souls thrive by aligning with nourishing foods, herbs, gentle cleanses, mindfulness and self-kindness.  Her approach is to help you address the root causes of insecurity, chronic conditions and emotional and physical inflammation so you can feel strong, embodied and content. As we are all unique, your healing plan needs to honor your unique mind-body type, climate and life situation. Over the decades, Tauna has observed in her own life and her clients that aligning with the moon’s cycles heps support immunity, sleep, mood, adrenals and the thyroid. Tauna studied Ayurvedic natural medicine India and has worked with over 4,000 clients.  

Katya Slivinskaya is an astrologer and life coach trained in the burgeoning 3rd Stage Astrology method. Her sessions and classes are designed to facilitate joy, empowerment, self-love and wise action through introduction to a very broad and soul-based perspective on life. Her specialty is to *see* each client and student she works with, allowing them in turn to see and fall in love with themselves. 





Feb 09 2020


1:00 pm



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