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Emotional Intelligence – Feeling Each Other’s Feelings

Emotional intelligence is one of the great lessons we are having to learn in order to create a sustainable life on earth that can also be enjoyable for all.

The emotional realms hold great gifts, once we have some basic understanding of how to navigate them.

This means having to re-work some of our deep patterns around how we respond to our own and others’ emotions.

So, how do we respond when someone around us is having big emotions? Like upset, or even great joy?

When we are upset, we really want to feel seen, met, understood, and cared for.

And yet, when we are with someone who is feeling emotional, this can make us feel uncomfortable. How do we learn to give this feeling of being seen and met to others, while becoming open to receive this kind of support, as well?

In this video, I’d like to present a few reframes of our view of human nature, relationships and emotions, in the hope that these reframes can help us to feel guided and comfortable in intense situations – and even use them for big transformations and feelings of relief!

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