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Eating Disorders and the Mother Line with Kathe Izzo


Kathe Izzo is a powerhouse. It isn’t an overstatement to say that she has helped me create some of the most beautiful developments in my life. What I love about this woman’s work is how faithfully intuitive it is; ask her a question, and the answer is never quite what you’d expect. It’s invariably infinitely deeper, more complex (in a good way) – and more feminine.

Speaking with her – and hearing her speak – always, always puts me back in touch with the magic behind all things, and reminds me that, wherever we are on our path, trust in life is the way forward.

Here’s her full bio:

Known internationally as The Love Artist, Kathe is a kundalini leader, esteemed poet/essayist & conceptual artist, astrologer & intuitive spiritual counselor. She has built an intensive curriculum combining present moment awareness, plant spirit medicines, an innate understanding of internal & universal rhythms & a variety of daily spiritual practices to guide us through the current rigorous planetary changes.

In 2011, she opened THE SCHOOL OF INVISIBLE ARTS, utilizing heart-based present awareness techniques to deepen intuition, creativity and connection and drawing on her highly acclaimed therapeutic work with traumatized adolescents and teenagers.

Family relationships are a sacred part of the spiritual evolution process and central to Kathe Izzo‘s Spiritual Coaching practice. Many of the tools offered in her therapeutic approach were developed through her experience in raising her daughters & participating as a family in a extensive ceremonial cultures throughout North & South America.

In this podcast, we cover:

– The mother/daughter dynamic and the best approach to ensure healing in future (and, perhaps, past) generations.
– Role playing as a means to healing unconscious patterns.
– When it comes to working with our deep unconscious habits and patterns, these three addictions are the “graduate level.”
– The three foods that have historically been used to honor the goddess, and why this is relevant to a woman’s life today.
– Why unity and solidarity with our sisters, mothers, and daughters is a pathway to healing.
– How (and to whom) we can apply acceptance in order to experience a shift in some of our deepest dynamics.
– What our collective human relationship with Earth has to do with it, and how we can begin to take a more expansive, trusting approach to the Earth’s cycles (and our own).

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