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Eat, Drink, Shine with the Blissful Sisters


In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How to replace judgement with engagement.
  • How to find peace with yourself when you’re celebrating with food and drink.
  • How to avoid the “falling off the wagon” syndrome, and how to get back on!
  • A critical (and enjoyable) part of self-care that we too often overlook.
  • Why and how you can take excellent care of yourself and still love food.
  • The difference between eating for escape and eating for enjoyment.
  • How to satiate the body and the soul, and create intimacy through food.
  • How being afraid of “getting messy”( showing our real selves) can keep us from the experience of True Love – the experience we all desire.
  • Why eating in front of others is a gift to them.
  • A simple trick that will help you enjoy every minute of a party while also enjoying (and not obsessing over) the food.
  • In case you need it, here’s more confirmation that hardship can lead to some of the most beautiful and meaningful developments of our lives.


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