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Aspen forest in a fall, Colorado, USA

Drawing Energy from Interconnectedness ~ Beyond the “We Are All One” Cliche

If you’ve become numb to the cliche that “we are all One,” I hope to give you a fresh take on this basic Truth. In fact, when we hear it spoken just like that, without personal experience of our own to resonate with the meaning behind these words, they can easily sound trite and unhelpful.

How is “We Are All One” going to help me with my addiction? Or to get my toilet fixed? we might ask. And rightly so. Skepticism is healthy and paves the way for deep understanding later on.

It’s easy to write off the validity of all being One, for many reasons. One such reason is that, how can it be possible that we are all One when we are all so clearly unique? When we have our own unique personalities, likes and dislikes, temperaments, virtues, talents, etc.

Being “One” seems to suggest that we are all actually one large being that has been split off into different parts through the illusion of separateness, however that came to be.

But I want to present another version of being One, that does not discount our individual-hood and is perhaps easier to entertain. 

Imagine the roots of an aspen tree – a stand or group of aspen trees is considered a singular organism with the main life force underground in the extensive root system (1).

Similarly, imagine that humans are joined at the heart. Like the roots of aspen trees or mycelium, not only are we connected, we are in fact One organism. We are nourished from One source of energy, of life force. Accordingly, empathy is our organic state – we bleed when our close ones bleed, rejoice when they rejoice.

Yes, we may have strayed far from this simple truth due to our conditioning, but under the surface these truths can never be erased, and few of us can be complete in our happiness when there is so much suffering and violence still going on in the world.

This is where we must be fierce and steady as we stand guard against the illusion of separateness. Such an illusion does not come from the Human realm, and cannot ever lead us to lasting happiness. On the contrary; “Every man for himself,” as we have seen, results in addictions, suspicion, violence and greed.

And yet, it is the way we are told will lead to a successful and fulfilling life. I see over and over again – and maybe you do, too – how this approach leads to promotions, seemingly-successful ladder climbing, and the simultaneous impoverishment of the spirit.

If we ask ourselves in earnest,

What is the true measure of Human wealth? 

we’ll find an answer as surprising as the current state we find ourselves in. True wealth, as I have seen it, is the total Honoring of the Truth of our connectedness. It is the claiming of what is ours and has always been ours ~ access to our intuition and to the many realms outside of the realm of 3-dimensional perception. It is in traversing these realms that we can clearly see that our Brothers and Sisters are the greatest gifts we have received in our journeys on this paradise planet earth. We see that it is community, and interdependency, that guards us from addictions and self-destructive patterns (more on this in tomorrow’s blog).

What is true wealth to you?

To experience the different realms mentioned above, we must rid ourselves of some of our density. All the things we do to escape our spiritual pain of disconnection – drinking, overeating, and other compulsive behaviors, surfaced as they have out of a deep sense of isolation and separation – ironically further separate us from the veil between us and the more subtle realms of existence. Work with the plant kingdom (plants and their spirits), mineral kingdom (crystals and rocks) and animal kingdom (equine therapy, spirit animal work) are amazing ways to begin to mend a severed connection to the endless playgrounds of the spirit.

On a final note, we will be helped to recognize that, as Humans, we are vulnerable to being hurt – this is part of our Beauty. By the same token, we all have the power to heal ourselves very quickly, the Truth of which is hidden from us by our current conditioning.

Today, let yourself be affected by another. Allow yourself to weep when they weep, to rejoice at their good fortune. Allow yourself to be interconnected, if just for a few moments, and then ask yourself if you do not feel more inspired, energized, and rich.

Art: “Symbiosis” by Autumn Skye Morrison


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