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Creativity: A Cure for Consumerism?

What does creativity have to do with our current crisis of dwindling resources, wacked out wealth distribution, and imminent self-destruction? Everything.

We need to change our relationship to consuming – and fast.

But how?

Consumerism addresses a valid need to feel fulfilled by literally filling us up. With food, with stuff, with temporary illusions of being abundant.

But what is the true human need that consumerism is temporarily yet ultimately unsuccessfully fulfilling in us?

I believe it is, at least in part, the need to create.

To experience ourselves as creative beings on this earth.

Creativity is not something that some special people have and others don’t – it is a birthright. When we create, that feeling of expressing ourselves in the process of making something out of nothing – or creating something that it much larger than the sum of its parts – is immensely fulfilling. It reminds us of a cup within ourselves which is never empty. A reserve of creativity that is our true source of wealth.

Could it be the cure for consumerism? I think so.

And, if you’re the kind of person who thinks you are “just not creative” – I have news for you: you just haven’t tapped into it yet. In the video, I give ways to find – and open – that doorway for yourself, either in a group if that’s your thing, or in the comfort and safety of your own space.

I also talk about some of the mindsets that are the enemies of creativity; the prevalence of these mindsets in our culture explains why many of us don’t feel like we have access to our innate creative potential.

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