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Caring for Your Energy Levels and Healing Eating Disorders One Meal at a Time with Lopa van der Mersch

In this episode, Katya speaks with Lopa van der Mersch. Lopa is CEO of Rasa, a brand dedicated to making natural formulas to help ease the stress of modern life and care for our energy levels, naturally. We talk on two topics:
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Healthy energy levels are key to our happiness and feelings of fulfillment. Interestingly, media and advertising consistently tell us that, when it comes to energy, more is simply better. Is this even true? Or is this view unbalanced and resulting in us tapping our bodies for energy they don’t have, or are unwilling to expend for their own, intelligent reasons?
When it comes to energy, what is truly nourishing, natural and sustainable?

Lopa and I dive into these questions and explore a potential paradigm shift in how we relate with our energy levels. We talk about the herbs she uses in her coffee substitute formula, Rasa Herbal Koffee, herbs that have been used for thousands of years to promote stress resiliency, mental clarity, and balanced energy. We are talking sustainable energy support, here.

Eating Disorders

Later in the interview, Lopa tells the story of her own experience with eating disorders, which now feels totally behind her. Her story is unique in that she truly blazed her own trail, and it worked.

A uniquely compassionate, honest and wise voice, may you be inspired and refreshed.

Lopa’s Bio: 

Modern life is crazy, and Lopa van der Mersch is obsessed with bringing accessible adaptogens to a world that needs them.
Adaptogens are a class of superherbs that help ease feelings of stress and overwhelm: Nature’s antidote to stress.
Thanks to her love for Ayurveda, Lopa has been using adaptogens for over a decade, and credits them with helping her heal Hashimoto’s.
Twelve years after she first started taking ashwagandha, Lopa had her first son and found herself deeply needing stress-support. She partnered with an herbalist to create a coffee alternative blend, which was the foundation of Rasa: a brand dedicated to making full-spectrum, holistically-balanced tonic adaptogen formulas an easy part of everyday rituals—starting with their coffee and coffee alternative blends.
As CEO of a growing startup and mom of two young boys (3 and 8 months), Lopa gets to experience daily how effective the Rasa products are. Her passion for Rasa is only matched by her love of tea ceremony and her knack for often-inappropriate humor.


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