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Can Willpower, Self Discipline, and Self-Love Coexist?

Some camps of binge eating recovery say that willpower is the answer. Others say binging is a result of deprivation, and attest that willpower and deprivation are not the answer and that they actually add fuel to the flame.

What can we gain from both these camps? Are we to throw away willpower completely and let ourselves eat whatever, whenever? Or would it be faster and smarter to train ourselves to have discipline around food, and trust that the emotional healing will take care of itself?

In this podcast you will learn:

  • An approach that does not discount either self-discipline or self-love, and uses both for their strengths.
  • A self-love practice that will help you to both, be present with your emotions without having to binge, and to feel more compassion and tenderness towards yourself.
  • Willpower and self-discipline techniques that stem from self-love rather than self-hatred or self-admonishment.
  • A specific order for trying these strategies in your life.
  • Plus: a way of looking at freedom that will change your relationship to self-discipline, forever!

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